Anniversary Service

For May’s “Service Saturday” we wanted to help a family in our neighborhood for their anniversary.  Last year, they were sealed together as a family in the Manti LDS temple on their 10th wedding anniversary. Since the temple is a couple of hours away, and it is always hard to leave for hours at a  time with little kids, we thought they probably had not been back to the Manti temple since that special day.  We wanted to give them an opportunity to return to the Manti temple for their 11th anniversary, so our family volunteered to babysit their kids for the day.

The couple was so excited and took us up on our offer.  They dropped the kids off at 7:30 am and our “Service Saturday” was underway:

Elle showed promise as a future babysitter.  She nurtured and comforted the little girl (who didn’t like me much).  She painted her fingernails so Elle had an instant friend.

Croft was a good playmate and dress-up partner.

We planned a craft to entertain the kids.  They made “Happy Anniversary” cards for the couple.

Crew’s card was especially sweet.

Don’t get bogged down thinking your service ideas  have to be big or elaborate or life changing.  Remember “by small and simple things, great things come to pass”.  And although babysitting was just a small act for our family, it was big to the couple.

(P.S. I am still looking for other families to guest post about their family’s Service Saturday! Click here to find out how.  Come on!  Send me a post!…please )

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  1. Your blog is a bright spot of sunshine on the internet. I always smile when I read your posts and I get such great ideas from you! Thanks for taking the time to chronicle these moments. I’m absolutely implementing your dinnertime manners ideas this week. Ever since I read those posts, I’ve realized how many things at our table need fixin’… Thanks again!!

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