Smart Gift

The end of school is nearing so I have been thinking about what to do for my kids on their  last day of school.

Last year I went with a FUN in the SUN theme.  I gave them fun stuff to do outside like water balloons, silly string, and bubbles.

My friend, Kelsie, made me a tag to go with the fun items.  Click here to print the FUN in the SUN tag.

But this year I am going with a SMART theme.  Thanks to my friend, Shana, in Wyoming for the idea.

I went with Smart water, Smart popcorn, and giant Smarties.

Then I printed off this tag from it is what it is.  Instead of a Smartie I signed my name.

I put all the SMART goodies in the same bags I used last year.  They are fun and festive and go with anything.  I got them at Target and I still see them there.  I plan on keeping these bags from year to year for my last day of school surprises.

Either the FUN route or the SMART route is a great way to celebrate the last day of school!

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