Remember 9/11

Sunday marks the 10 year anniversary of 9/11.  As I was walking around the track the other day, the significance of this anniversary slowly sank in. I realized I needed to teach my kids about this day. They weren’t even born when this happened.  They need to know their country’s history. I started planning a Family Night for Sunday right then and there.

First, we will watch Music and the Spoken Word 9/11:Rise Above. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir has teamed up with Tom Brokaw for the tribute. It will be broadcast around the United States.  Air times and station information can be found here or by checking local listings. Here is a little sneak peak promo:

Now if you are wary that this will be a Mormon agenda, please don’t be. I can promise you that it will be well done, patriotic and non-denominational and you will either cry or get the chills. I only had to watch a few seconds of the promo to know it will be great.  Whether you are Mormon or not, sit down and watch it with your kids. I guarantee it will be worth it (or your money back).

After the broadcast, I am sure we will field questions from the kids and do our best to teach them about that day. Then Chad and I will tell the kids where we were when the world stopped turning.

I remember I was driving to work (I taught 5th grade) when I heard about the attacks on the radio.  I immediately called Chad.  He was just getting out of the shower.  My mom was dropping something off at my house at about the same time I called.  Chad told her what happened.  They immediately turned on the TV. She and Chad sat on the couch glued to the TV for hours.  The only humor in the situation was that Chad was in his towel the whole time.  (Awkward anyone?)

I remember trying to continue the day as normal after an initial, lengthy discussion with the 5th graders, but every break I had I would run to the office to hear of any updates.  I was just sure they were taking down landmarks across the U.S. I didn’t want to be the mature teacher that day; I just wanted to be at home crying and watching TV too.

I am glad the 10 year anniversary for 9/11 falls on a Sunday.  The tragic event deserves a sacred, peaceful and reverent day and it deserves to be remembered.  God bless.

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  1. I love you! You make my life so much easier. Thanks for the great FHE idea. Oh and I tried that link to find the show times and it didn’t work.

  2. Great idea for a family night this Sunday! I didn’t know about the 9/11: Rise Above but will have to watch it with my little family. Thanks for the ideas Tiffany!

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