LOVE Family Night

Do you need an idea for a LOVE Family Night?  Here are a few quick and easy ideas that have been fun for us:


Have the family cut out a bunch of hearts, write special messages on them, and then go tape them all over someone’s door.  Ring the doorbell and run.  We did this a couple of years ago when my BIL had cancer.  The kids still talk about it.

Elle and I and several girls her age also heart attacked our Bishop’s office last year.  This would be fun to do for grandparents, teachers, co-workers, husbands or even your children’s rooms.

We are targeting our next victim this week.  And it just might be you…


Last year, for a LOVE family night, we had all the kids get out their scriptures and then we had them look up a scripture with the word love in it.  This taught them how to use the index and topical guide and how to find books and verses in their scriptures.  Then they all shared the scripture that they found.  This was educational for the kids and it took no planning.  Here is one of the scriptures  we shared. I love the way it was written in this picture I found on Pinterest.  (I cannot find who to give original credit for this genius idea.)

You could also do this with the hymn book and have them find a song about love.  Then you could sing each song. Again they would learn how to use an index.


This was a post I did last year, but I just wanted to remind you about it if you had forgotten or hadn’t seen it.  For family night,  take paper sacks and decorate them and then hang them from your mantle.  Have everyone write a love note to each family member and put it in their sacks.  Then leave the sacks up all week so you can write love notes to each other all week.  Read the notes together on Valentine’s Day.


Instead of Share Bear you could pass around a big paper heart, and when it comes to you, you get to share what you love about everyone in the family.  Or put everyone’s name on a heart and then draw hearts.  You get to say what you love about the person on your heart.


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