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It’s Thrifty Thursday and today I wanted to share one way that I’ve gotten my husband on board the thrift train.

My husband eats lunch out almost every day, and I couldn’t convince him to do the most thrifty thing– which would be to take a lunch or come home–so I did the next best thing I could think of to help him save money. I made him his own coupon book that he could use for eating out at lunch.

I consulted him a long the way because I knew he needed to find it usable and practical.  Plus I wanted him to feel some ownership and actually want to use this coupon book.  And I didn’t want him to  have to surrender his man card.

I picked the manliest photo album I could find.  This one was less than $2 at Target.

I divided the book into sections like burgers, sandwiches, mexican, pizza, sit-down, breakfast and misc.  The misc section is coupons for dry cleaning, tires, oil changes, etc.– things not related to food.  I just wrote the categories on the bottom of index cards and slid the cards in.  (Remember boys generally don’t want cute and fluffy.)

I also made specific restaurant labels in each section using index cards as well.  Then I cut coupons and filed them in their proper sections.

My husband keeps the coupon book in the pocket on the driver’s door of his car, and he consults his coupon book before he goes to lunch.  We have also used it on a date night or two.  About once a month, I throw away expired coupons and add in new ones.

Now for those of you worried that Chad is controlled by me or that he is forced to do my ideas– don’t you worry.   Me controlling him is almost laughable. That guy does whatever the heck he wants.   But judging from this text I got from him the other day, I think he is using and maybe even enjoying his new coupon book.

Now Chad doesn’t use a coupon every day, and I know this wouldn’t work for every guy’s lunch situation, but it is helping Chad save $1 here and $3 there.  And maybe this small lunch coupon book could help you or your hubby be thrifty too?

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