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The kids and I have been working on Chad’s Father’s Day present.  We are tweaking and expanding an idea from a friend’s Facebook post about what her hubby and kids did for her for Mother’s Day.  We thought we would share our idea with you in case you are stumped.

We are creating a hotel like atmosphere for our dad.

Here is what we have been up to:

1. We came up with a name for the hotel. We considered  “The Papa Plaza” and  “Hotel Erickson” but decided to go with “Father’s Four Seasons”.  The kids liked that we had 4 kids and I liked the alliteration.

2. We came up with a logo.  Crew designed our logo and the girls helped color it.  We went with red, Chad’s favorite color, and teal, a manly enough complement color.  We used this logo on everything we made.  Luckily we had a color copier.

3. We made a room service menu.  We brainstormed meals and foods that Chad might want on Father’s Day.  Then the kids typed up the options.  We folded a piece of construction paper ‘hot dog’ way and glued the logo on the front and the menu inside.  (Only my children would have a fight over font choices…)

4. Elle typed up a “Spa Services” insert.  Some options are hand massage, head massage, back scratch, etc. She has been really into giving Grandma Kerry foot and hand massages throughout her chemo treatments.  She has a bag full of lotions and other supplies that she uses.  She is getting really good.

5. Crew made a welcome sign.

6. Croft made a “Do Not Disturb” door hanger sign.

The hotel experience will start on Saturday evening right before bed.  Here is our plan:

1. I will change the sheets so they are fresh, crisp and white just like at hotels.  Housekeeping (Crew) will pull down the covers and leave a  chocolate on Chad’s pillow along with his Welcome sign.

2. We will leave a bell on Chad’s nightstand along with a hotel guide including Room Service Menu, Spa Services, and Do Not Disturb door hanger.

3.  The next morning Chad can order breakfast for the Room Service menu.  (I gotta make sure I have all the ingredients.)  We will make his meal of choice and then Room Service (Croft & Elle) will bring it to the room.  I plan on our tray looking as fancy as possible.

4.  After breakfast, we anticipate that Chad will shower. While he is in the shower, Housekeeping will make his bed and warm his towel in the dryer.

5. After church, Chad can order spa services at no extra charge.  Elle’s pampering should get him nice and relaxed for his nap.

6. But before he sleeps, he will order a treat from Room Service.  We will make the treat while he sleeps.

7. When he wakes up, we will serve him his treat.

8. Then it will be time for him to check-out of “Father’s Four Seasons” because we will have to head to my parents’ house for dinner with my dad.

I am loving how much thought and work the kids have already put into this fun Father’s Day idea.  And I love that they are helping me pull it off.

(And I love that Chad can’t read this post. The suspense is pure torture for him. Haha.)

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