Gettin’ Lucky

I think I officially traumatized my father with my 14 Days of Valentine’s post.

So dad, if you are reading this, bow out now.

I just think it is fun to use the dinky little holidays as a forum to show love to our children and our spouses.  It is not that you can’t show love in special ways on ordinary days too, but small holidays are just an excuse for me to do something a little extra special for them.

I took care of my kids for St. Patrick’s Day back here so I started thinking of my hubby.  I had learned my lesson and didn’t want to leave him out of the fun.

It didn’t take me long to think of the phrase, “You’re getting lucky tonight”.   Haha.  I just thought it was silly and cheesy and perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. (I told you to bow out, dad.)

So I emailed my friend Kelsie and she made up two cute tags for me.

Here was Option #1.  FYI, this one fits nicely in a standard size envelope.

And here was Option #2:

Kelsie put the tags up on her Etsy shop for $1.25.  You can buy Option #1  here or Option #2 here. When you buy one of the tags, she sends you an electronic PDF and then you print it yourself.

You can use the code RAISINGLEMONS20 for 20% off.

I attached the shamrock tag to a box of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.  Not only is the box green, but Chad love’s these cookies and it is fun to surprise him with them once a year.

You could put the “You’re getting LUCKY tonight” tag in an envelope, attach it to something fun, roll it up and put it in a green balloon, or just lay the card on the pillow with some cold coins and green confetti.  (He’s a guy; he won’t care about the presentation, but he will love the gift.)

Anybody else doing something fun for their hubby for St. Patrick’s Day?



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