DJ Got Us Singing Together

One of my favorite activities to do on road trips is to play DJ.  Everyone requests their favorite songs and then I play them off the iPad which is piped through the car stereo system. No one is listening to their own iPod or their own music at this point. We have a shared family music experience. Sometimes we bust out microphones (like lip gloss or suckers or water bottles), but we always sing our guts out.

Locke especially likes to dance while we sing.

Here is the playlist from our recent trip:

“Bad Romance” – Lady GaGa – Crew

“Mama Mia” – Mama Mia Soundtrack- Croft

“Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” – Toby Keith – Dad

“True Colors”- Glee Cast – Mom

“Just the Way You Are” – Bruno Mars – Elle

“Eye of the Tiger” – Survivor – Crew

“Dynamite” – Taio Cruz – Croft

“Have You Ever Seen the Rain” – Creedence Clearwater Revival – Dad

“As the Crow Flies” – Tyler Stenson – Mom

“Fire Burning” – Sean Kingston – Crew

“Fireflies” – Owl City – Croft

“Popular” – Wicked Soundtrack – Elle

What is great about this travel activity is that it takes no planning and it can be as long or as short as your family’s attention span.  The kids get exposed to a variety of music- everything from show tunes to rock and roll to country. And most importantly, we have fun all singing and jamming together.

I am wondering how this would go over with teenagers…. Someone try it and let me know.

5 thoughts on “DJ Got Us Singing Together”

  1. I love everyone rocking out in this picture!!! Seriously this is a classic picture of a captured moment!

  2. for teenagers my dad does it different he plays a song and we have to guess whoi sings the song. its a lot of fun!! and it makes you use your head!

  3. On our recent road trip, my kids’ favorite song was “I’ve got a dream” from Tangled. All of them (even the teenagers) belted it out and we listened to it 2 or 3 times in a row. Movie soundtracks are always fun. It’s great how music can unite a tired and cranky crew! I like lolo’s idea of a ‘name that tune’ format. We’ll have to try that one. We’ve always had fun with the “name that movie” game as we throw out quotes from our favorite shows.

  4. One of our favorite car activities was to “name that tune”. One of the kids, or parents, would start to hum a song and everyone would guess. Usually within 3 or 4 notes, the kids could guess. We usually did disney or primary songs. Everyone takes a turn at humming. They loved it, at least for a while.

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