Locke’s Construction Party

I got a Mac computer awhile back and have yet to feel comfortable with loading pictures on my blog with the new programs. I’ve got 120 posts in my cue, but don’t post often because of that picture roadblock.  I’ve got to face and tackle my lack of skills. So this post is an exercise in me learning to crop, edit, resize and load pictures to my blog.  Let’s just say the photos won’t be homogenous because I wanted to try different techniques.

I decided to learn on Locke’s 4th Birthday Party because the post is mostly photo based.

Locke turned 4 in August and wanted a Construction Birthday Party.

The Inspiration

I think Locke’s choice stemmed from the fact that the vacant lot across from our house was under construction all summer.  We were living right in the middle of a construction zone and the perfect party backdrop.  Once we decided to go with the construction theme, my mom found these little dump trucks on clearance at ShopKo.  They set the inspiration for the color scheme.

Locke CP truck

The Decor

I went with the traditional yellow, orange and black colors but threw in some pops of blue to soften the look a bit and to match the trucks.  I also threw in construction motifs when I could.

Locke CP deocr 2_Fotor

I added some party decor to the outside as well.   We borrowed the orange barrier from down the street, and the door wreath is electrical cord wrapped around a wreath form.  You can find the inspiration and tutorial for the door wreath here.

Locke CP outdoor_Fotor

My go- to decorating tactic is using wrapping paper as a table runner.  The wrapping paper adds color and patterns you are not likely to find in a tablecloth.  Just cover your table with a plastic tablecloth and then roll the wrapping paper roll down the middle of the table.

Locke CP table 2

Duct tape also proved to be my friend.  It was cheap, simple, appropriate, and it fit my color scheme.  What more could a party planner want?  I used the tape to label the water bottles and the guests hard hats.

Locke CP duct 2_Fotor

The Guest of Honor

I bought Locke a little construction vest to set him apart as the guest of honor, and he got a hard hat like everyone else.  I got the hats at Oriental Trading and the vest here.

Locke CP self_Fotor

Mom and Dad had to dress up too.  My mom had some real hard hats for us to wear. My husband is such a good sport.

Locke CP mom and dad_Fotor

 The Guests

As a general rule, I let my kids invite as many kids as they are old — give or take one or two. But I don’t make them count cousins since they are always invited.
Locke CP guests_Fotor

Locke CP Lily_Fotor


Locke CP gifts_Fotor

The Cake

The cake was the low-point of the party.  I decided just to have a local super-market make it to save some time.  I relayed my vision and color scheme to the baker, and she assured me it would be cute.   I went to pick it up, and I was really disappointed.  There was no blue color and too much green.  It was supposed to be a construction site not a back yard or grass field! Then as I was taking the cat out to my car, it slid off the bottom of my cart and got messed up.  I swear it was an accident 🙂

I went into problem solving mode. I patched and refrosted what I could. I crushed Oreos to add dirt hills and piles and to cover up some of the botched areas and to subdue the green.  Then I added my own little construction vehicles.  It turned out okay in the end.

Locke CP cake_Fotor

Locke CP candles


The Games

I care about the decor, but the kids care about the games.  We played a Wrecking Ball game where we knocked over empty oatmeal containers, and then we spent most of the time playing with our dump trucks in dirt piles.

Locke CP wrecking ball_Fotor

Locke CP play_Fotor

Locke CP sand_Fotor

The Party Favor

After getting dirty, we sent the kids them home with their dump truck, chocolate candy, and a little thank you.  I try to avoid lots of treats as much as possible.  The trucks and the hard hats were the main favors.

Locke CP favor_Fotor

So there you go.  I did it!  I figured out how to load lots of photos. It took much longer than the length of this post implies.  But now I am excited to get some other posts out there that I have been holding back on.

And Happy Late Birthday to my favorite 4 year old!



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  1. The duck tape on the hats are so cute! From the pictures I realized I drive past your house all the time! Maybe I should come over and give you a Mac tutorial 🙂

    1. Kelsie, you do live by me! Come over anytime. I need mac and photography tutorials. My husband said he saw you at church one day when he was attending a mission farewell. You live in our old stake.

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