Confidence Cookies

I first heard of the idea of “Confidence Pills” at a funeral of an extraordinary lady, Laurie.  Her adult son spoke at her funeral and mentioned he had received a box of Confidence Pills from his mom just a few weeks earlier. He had an upcoming job interview and although Laurie was bed-ridden with cancer, she found a way to send her son Confidence Pills (which were Mexican Wedding Cookies).

I loved this idea–especially because the tradition could transition into adulthood.  I loved how a mom could still send her adult son some love and encouragement.

So I made Confidence Pills last year for my kids, but my kids didn’t love the Mexican Wedding Cookies so I decided to tweak the idea for this year.

I am going to change Confidence Pills to Confidence Cookies.  And since I have never made M&M cookies before, I felt like I could use the new cookie to be my new idea.   I only plan on making the cookies when we need confidence so they stay unique. (Plus I like the fact that I can always go buy M&M cookies if I am crunched for time in the future.)  This is what I have planned for next week:

First, I will get a jar of M&Ms and label it “Confidence”. Then the kids and I will make the cookie dough together and at the end we will add “Confidence” to our cookies.  Wahlah! Confidence Cookies!

I hope these cookies become a tradition at our annual Back to School Family Night. Plus, I can bust them out for piano recitals, team try-outs, church talks, job interviews, school finals, and any other time the kids might need a little extra confidence.  And I think any cookie or any name would do, I think it is just fun to establish the tradition of support and encouragement.

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