Christmas Card 2012

Here is our family Christmas card for 2012.  I am sending you one via my blog.

The cards were designed by our fabulous sister in law, Lindsey Erickson, with some obnoxious input from me.   I am loving all the fun, funky shades of yellow right now so we used those as our base colors.  Plus yellow just says “Raising Lemons” right?  And then I wanted a few pops of coral too.

We printed the cards from for a really reasonable price.  We went with a 5×7 card printed on the front and back. The cards were a thick cardstock (like a postcard) and we had the corners rounded for just a little extra.  We went with the value cards instead of the premium, and I think they still looked nice even though we didn’t pay as much. I would definitely use the company again, but next time I will order earlier so I don’t have to pay to expedite shipping.

We mailed most of the cards and hand delivered some. My hubby is a lifesaver, as he likes to go for a run and deliver several cards to our old neighborhood.  He often picks the coldest, snowiest days to complete his mission.


This year I decided I am going to keep all the cards that are family receives and see how it goes.   In the past I would keep a few from family, and since I don’t like stuff, I usually chucked the rest.  But this year I am going to try a hole punch and a 3 ring clip to keep the cards altogether as a flip book.

Then we will get them out year after year and see how families have changed. If the Christmas card booklets are anything like my Halloween scrapbook, the cards will be a hit to look at and a good size for little hands.  You can read a full tutorial on the Christmas books and download a cover for your Christmas cards here.


Merry Christmas to all my blog friends, from my family to yours!



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