Bike Family Night

Whoever said, “Money can’t buy happiness” never bought my bike.  In fact, if I had know how much happiness I would feel riding bikes with my kids, I would have bought a bike and the trailer much, much earlier.

My bike is a pretty mint green / pale aqua blue.  Her seat is as big as mine.  She looks like a beach cruiser, but she has gears to help this old lady out.  She helps me feel happy.

Our family caught the biking bug back last year when we went on a family bike ride for B week.  We borrowed bikes from our friends and had a great time.

We loved it so much I got a bike and kid trailer last Mother’s Day and Chad got a bike for an early Father’s Day present.  Chad biked to work here and there; the kids biked to school; I biked Croft to school; and we all biked to grandma’s 3 miles away.  We had a summer of fun on our bikes.

And to get ready for another fun bike season this summer, we had a bike Family Night last week.  I read this info before we started the night.

We pulled out all the bikes and went to work.

We pumped up tires and patched leaks.

Chad tried to teach Crew and I how to change a flat tire.  My eyes glazed over when it involved taking off the chain.   I just kept nodding my head with no intention of ever doing it.

We adjusted helmets to fit properly and made sure the kids were wearing them correctly.

We checked seat heights.  We moved most seats up.

And we went over bike safety.   Besides the basics of watch for cars and wear a helmet, we learned to

Pass on the left.

Ride with traffic.

Kids under 10 can ride on the sidewalk.

I also made a little kit for the back of my trailer to make sure that I am prepared.  You never know what trouble you can get into with 4 kids.  I threw in a

First aid kit

Water bottle

Small bike pump

Tire patches



Wet wipe

To test out our bikes, we went on our first official family bike ride on Sunday.  A new trail got put in and now there is finally a “safe” path to my mom’s house.  The ride there was a bit treacherous, but we learned a lot about ourselves and had a great time together as a family (minus one moody pre-teen).

I can’t wait to get out more this spring and summer with our bikes.  We are planning on 5K Fridays this summer.  We are going to go with some neighbor friends and bike at least 3 miles with all the kids every Friday.

Happy biking!





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  1. What kind of bike do have? I have been thinking that I need a cruiser type bike with handbrakes and gears. I would love to check it out. Thanks for all your inspiring posts. I love your blog!

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