Healthy Valentines. Well, Mostly.

Last year I set thrift goals so I went with thrifty valentines. This year I set health goals so I went with thrifty valentines.  This year I set health goals so I went with healthy valentines.  I tried to stay away form sugar and candy.

Well, mostly.

Unless you count the sugar, dye filled soda pop I am giving my kids.  We rarely drink pop at home or at restaurants and they always beg me for it, so I gave into a special treat this holiday.

I am feeling guilty about this 12 oz. and a little disappointed in myself, but the good news is I managed to pull off non-candy valentines for friends and teachers.

I found a great deal on little finger flashlights so we went with those for classroom valentines.  I let the kids pick their own word plays off the idea of light.  I like to have them involved in font choice, typing, cutting, assembling and stapling.  This is supposed to be their project afterall.

Croft came up with a line from a One Direction song: “You LIGHT UP my world like nobody else! Love, Croft”  Should I be concerned that my 6 year old pulled that out of nowhere?

Elle thought the pop song was a little too risky for 5th grade so she chose a safer route with “You SHINE!  Love, Elle”

Locke’s Valentine’s for his little preschool buddies said: “You BRIGHTEN my day! Love, Locke”

Crew, my too cool for school kid, would have nothing to do with the flashlights, so we did the store bought candy thing.  You win some; you lose some.

For teachers and grandparents, we went with a nut theme: “I’m NUTS about you!” Again, I wanted the kids to do the work.  They choose how they wanted to make their labels and they wrote them.  Computer designed notes are cuter, but they don’t give the kids the same creative experience, and I think their writing makes it more personal.

Croft chose a tag and ribbon.  She momentarily forgot who she was.  5 years ago I may have had her redo the tag, but now I am embracing imperfection.  So the scribble stays.

Elle went with a bag topper.

Crew wanted to take a caveman approach and change things up a bit.  Gotta appreciate his humor and his customized fonts.

We also did a few ‘cutie’ Valentines for some of Locke’s preschool aides.  Here is a “Cutie” tag you could buy here on etsy.

If you are interested in a healthier holiday (maybe next year), here are some more non-food/healthy Valentine ideas I found on Pinterest. Click the picture and it takes you to the original post.

Happy and Healthy-ish Valentine’s Day!


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