U and V Week

Yep, I am doubling up letters.  

The last 6 of the alphabet don’t really deserve an entire week to themselves anyway. Do they?  Plus I have been fizzling out and want to expedite this letter adventure so we don’t end up into summer.  Also, it takes a lot of creativity to come up with activities, crafts and foods for these last six letter U.V.W.X.Y.Z. so I am going to combine letters.

Thank you for understanding.


Croft made Valentines for her Uncles and it wasn’t even Valentine’s Day.

What a fun idea! until I underestimated how many uncles Croft has. 12 to be exact.  So we cut out hearts, and she glued and decorated and wrote.

She especially loved picking out conversation hearts specific to each uncle to glue on.  To know Uncle Tommy is to know that “Dare ya” and “Sup Babe” were perfect choices.


Croft had the great idea (she is good, I tell you) to go watch a Utah Valley University (UVU) sporting event for our U/V week.  I loved the idea but we couldn’t work it into our schedule.

So we played volleyball in our living room instead.  We used bar stools as our net and a balloon as our ball and had a blast.


At the right time of year you could view any University’s volleyball team.

Here is  fun U idea from another blogger.  For a full post on this U toss click here.



The only food I could think of was Vegetables!  Maybe it’s because  health is my focus for 2013, but what else is there?  Croft fights me the most on vegetables, so we went on a little vegetable field trip to the grocery store.  I was hoping Croft would see all the varieties and colors and options and open up her heart a little more to them.

She was surprised by the varieties of lettuces and potatoes, but in the end, when I told her she could pick any veggie she wanted, she went with baby carrots.  Not exactly the ending I was hoping for.


We read The Umbrella by Jan Brett.

Croft  practiced writing her U’s and V’s.  They are good to do right together so you can note the subtle difference of a point vs. a curve.

Click here and here for U worksheets and here  for V worksheets.

The union of U and V was a success . I hope W and X and Y and Z get along as well.




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