For the Strength of Crew

I attended a Stake Young Women’s training a few months back and received some inspiration for my personal family.

I had been wondering what to do with my 11-year old son’s scripture study. He had gone back to public school, and we didn’t have as much time as before. Also, he is not often self-motivated.

My younger daughter was in a groove with Preach My Gospel, my older daughter was reading the New Testament on her own for seminary, and I was reading the Book of Mormon Stories with my little guy. But what to do with an 11-year old who has a strong pull towards the world?

My answer came as the 2nd counselor in the Stake Presidency spoke. He said that kids need to be reading “For the Strength of Youth” before they turn 12 — that the world is getting too crazy to wait.

There was my answer. I would study “For the Strength of Youth” with my son for his personal scripture study first thing in the morning before he headed off to school.

crew ftsoy_Fotor

The pamphlet is divided into topics such as Education, Dating, Friends, Dress and Appearance, Honesty and Integrity, etc. I came up with a plan to study one topic a week. We would read the same section each day for a week, but look for different learnings each time we read. Repetition is a principal of the gospel, after all.

I also gathered supplies. (You know how important setting up a matrix of success is before you start a new routine.) First, I bought Crew his own “For the Strength of Youth” pamphlet. Then I gathered highlighters in three different colors.


Here is our daily reading schedule and what we look for each day:

Monday– We read through an entire topic together. Sometimes Crew reads and sometimes I read, or we alternate paragraphs. Then at the end I just ask, “What stood out to you?” I share what words left an impression on me as well.

Tuesday– We read the same topic again, but this time we look specifically for “Don’ts.” I figured that “don’ts” were probably the easiest thing to pick out. We highlight those in pink because pink is close to red which reminds us of ‘Stop.’

Wednesday– We read the passage again (yes, a third time!) and this time we look for the Do’s— things we should be doing in regards to the topic. We highlight those in orange.

Thursday– We read again, but this time we look for the doctrine and blessings that come when the particular standard is followed. We highlight these in yellow because yellow always reminds me of brightness and inspiration.

Friday– We read the scriptures at the end of the section and discuss the question prompt.

2 page highlighted_Fotor

We don’t go in order the topics are presented in the book. I let Crew chose what subject he wants to study that week, so we jump around. His first choice was Entertainment and Media. Big surprise there.

highlighted page_Fotor

This study time literally takes five minutes every morning, but it makes me feel better sending Crew off to the middle school each day.



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