Q Week

I bet you all thought I quit Letter of the Week.  Well, quite frankly I don’t blame you.  We are definitely going at our own pace around here and it ain’t quick.  The quest to finish the alphabet continues and it is Q week!


I went out of my comfort zone to make quiche for Q Week.  I poured the mixture into muffin tins to bake them because there is something quaint about mini foods.  (For other quaint kid kitchenware see this post.)

When I was done making the quiche, Crew said, “You know mom, we could have just had quesadillas.”   Thank you Crew, thank you.

I also planned to try these quinoa pumpkin pancakes but they were a disaster.  And not because the recipe sucked, but because I could never get the quinoa into a flour stage. 

So later we ate a quick quinoa and brown rice blend instead from Costco.  After I squeezed lemon into the rice, the kids actually requested seconds.  Here are 2 more quinoa recipes if you are interested.

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When it was Crew’s  Q week, he “helped” grandma Pam make a real quilt that they donated to the Humanitarian center.

But since Croft’s Q week was in the middle of the holidays, we went with a paper quilt version instead.

She got to choose the colors and the pattern.  And it was also quality cutting and gluing practice.


I considered letting Croft be queen for a day, but she already rules the house anyway.  So we took a quieter approach. We read Quick as a Cricket by Audrey Wood.

We also went to the library and found that they had a Q backpack to checkout.  The backpack contained a fun story called The Quiet Quail, a Q worksheet, and an I spy Q bag complete with a quilt, queen, quarter, and quill (Check your local library to see if they have letter activities.)

We played the Quiet Game and 20 Questions at dinner.  It was quick and easy and quite fun for the kids.


Croft colored her quail and practiced writing the letter Q.

You can click here and here for more Q worksheets.

One letter down, 9 to go.  See you next week for R week.






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