P Week

It’s P week! And can I just say that the letter P is perfect.   Just perfect.  So many possibilities with that letter P.


There are plenty of  healthy P foods.  There are peas, peaches, peppers, parsley, pickles, potatoes, pears and pineapples.  In addition to some of those foods, we specifically tried pomegranates for P week.

They are pretty and full of punch. Elle and Croft popped out the seeds and we popped them in our mouths.  My picky eater even liked them.

If you aren’t specifically trying to go healthy, there is always pancakes, pies, pasta, pizza, pretzels, pina coladas, pastries ….


We took a P picnic to the park with pizza, pears and popcorn.

Then we played at the park under perfect weather conditions.


Don’t put pressure on yourself to be all fancy with Letter of the Week.  I promise kids love the basics as much as anything.  I came into the kitchen and Croft cried, “Mom, I am p-p-p-painting on p-p-p-paper for P week!”  P week craft.  Done.

If painting on paper is too predictable, you could make puppets or play with play-doh or paint pumpkins.


Croft colored her hidden P picture (which got me really pumped for next week’s pumpkin and pecan pies).

Click here for more P worksheets.

We will probably take next week off from Letter of the Week to enjoy Thanksgiving.  Peace out!


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