N Week

Newsflash! It’s N week!

I considered doing nothing/nada for N week, but there was no way that would fly around here.


We made nachos and nibbled on nectarines.

We noticed the differences between peaches and nectarines. We made a Venn diagram comparing the two.  Nectarines won the taste test.  (And actually nectarines are usually smaller than peaches but our nectarine was not normal.)

You could also do a nut taste test using a variety of nuts or make something with Nutella.


Next Croft made a necklace for N week out of cereal.  I thought of a necklace out of noodles a day too late 🙁


I considered taking a nap for N week, but we went on a nature walk instead.

In my book, the difference between a hike and a nature walk is the incline and the intention.  We weren’t trying to make it anywhere.  We were just noticing nature.


We caught N words with a net.

 To do this activity all you need is a net, a Stax chips container, and a bunch of N words.

We brainstormed N words and Croft cut then out.  We taped them to the inside of the Stax lid one at a time.

Then we launched the words into the air by squeezing the Stax chip container.  The lid popped off and we tried to nab the lid with the net as it flew through the air.

It was not easy, but Croft loved it when she would catch an N word.

Croft also colored this worksheet.


Click here and here for more N worksheets.

N week was nifty and nice.  Next up, O week!


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