How to Eat Pasta

Pasta is my kids’ favorite food– from Fettuccine Alfredo to Spaghetti to Homemade Macaroni to Baked Ziti– they love it all.

But pasta can be a tricky food for kids ( and adults) to eat. (I never ordered noodles on a date because it wasn’t always pretty.)

Manner: Eat spaghetti and other long stringy pasta by putting the tines of your fork into only a few noodles and then twirling your fork until the noodles are wrapped around the fork.  It is key to start with only a few noodles because if you start twirling too many noodles you will have too big a bite in the end. (This was Crew’s biggest challenge.)

Use the edge of your plate or side of your bowl to help you as you twirl.  Adults should not use a spoon to help twirl their pasta.  Kids can use a spoon as they are learning to twirl.

It is okay to have a few short strands of pasta hanging down from the fork when you are done twirling.

It is also acceptable to cut pasta with a knife and fork into smaller pieces if twirling is too hard.

Everyone agrees it is bad manners to slurp a mouthful of trailing pasta.  It is loud and can be messy.  (Unless of course you are reenacting the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti/kissing scene with one of your kids which we do on a regular basis, then it’s okay.)

Kid Idea: Either go to a store, a pasta bar at a restaurant or your pantry and show your kids all the different kinds of pasta.  They will get a kick out of all the variety, the fun names and shapes.

Recipe: Here is a yummy recipe for Lemon-Herb Zucchini Fettuccine.  I figured it is that time of year where if you don’t have extra zucchini lying around, your neighbor does.

Happy twirling!


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