The Bewitching Hour

I can handle life and motherhood until about 4:30 PM and then The Bewitching Hour begins.  Kids and friends are in and out.  Everyone makes messes. I am done maintaining and nagging. I lose energy and give up on the dream. I surrender control and my house goes to pot.  (You would never know my house was clean at 3:30 PM.)

Books on the Bedroom Floor
Aprons on the Kitchen Floor
Barbies on the Living Room Floor
Toys on the Bedroom Floor
Play-Doh Toys on the Pantry Floor

Then 5:30 PM hits and poof! I’m back.  Friends go home; we do a 15 minute clean-up; I start dinner.  I refocus and have purpose again .  This Bewitching Hour used to really bother me, but now I know we all snap out of it and the house returns to normal each day. (I just hope my off hour doesn’t go into off hours this summer.)


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