Race for the Cure

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago and we wanted to show her support any way we could.  So for May’s Service Saturday we did Race for the Cure  as a family.

My little family:

The girls:

The boys:

We headed downtown on a train early Saturday morning with our cousins.

It was much earlier than we were used to and much colder than expected.  And we had to wait around for a long time waiting to meet up with everyone.

But the kids were still in good spirits.

We wore as much pink as we could.  Locke even contributed with pink fingernails.  He was so proud.  Croft painted them while I was in the bath tub.  This is what I get for trying to relax.

Eventually the race started, but with over 12, 000 participants it turned out to be more of a stroll for most of us.

Grandma even felt well enough to walk a little.

We enjoyed walking and being together.  (Except for a few minutes there when no one knew where Crew was.   Hence the reason he is missing from this photo.)

Thankfully, we found him and snapped this post race family picture.  The kids were proud and happy to finish the race.

I started out the morning with much anxiety.  I don’t do early mornings, crowds or races.  But by the end of the morning, it felt like we were part of a community.   It was humbling to see how many people are affected my breast cancer and how much support and love is out there.  The Race for the Cure was a sweet experience for our family and one of our best Service Saturdays yet.



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