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Father’s Day is just a few days away.  The kids are begging to do the “Hotel at Home” thing again.  It was a huge hit last year, and I loved that the kids did so much of the work.  But I am not sure I am up to the task this year with Girls Camp being the next day. We will see how things go.

But I am sure what we are doing for Chad’s dad and his side of the family.

We are going with a “Super Dad” theme.  

And the only reason I am so confident about it is because I did the “Super Dad” theme last year for my side of the family.  My dad, my brother, my brother-in-laws and my hubby were all the benefeciaries. I kept some of the supplies and am going to reuse them another year.  (That is the beauty of switching off years between families. I only have to come up with an idea once every two years.)

I got the original idea from this blog post.  I took some of her ideas and came up with a few of my own as well. Here is an outline of what I did last year and plan to do this year:

I went with a red, yellow and blue color scheme.  I bought ribbon in these colors to work with. I made sure to have a variety of patterns.

I set the table using these colors.  We tied the napkins with the ribbon and also added ribbon to the pop.

I made a “Super Dad” banner using this tutorial.

You can see the “Super Dad” playing catch with Crew in the background.  (I can’t figure out how to photograph banners.)

I liked the subtle pattern on the yellow paper to break up the solids.  And in case you were wondering, the letters are in Bookman font.

We got Dad’s rootbeer for all the men.

I added a little ribbon to each pop to add a little more color to the table.

The bottles doubled as place holders and refreshments.  We made rootbeer floats for dessert.

I loved the “Super Dad” idea but wanted to take it from just cute and fun to meaningful and sentimental.  So I decided to make cards for each guy that said “You are my HERO because…”  Then every family filled one in for their dad.   And yes, they had to write in either red, yellow or blue!

I had everyone in my family do one for my dad, including grandkids, so we wrote them on index cards and then I bundled them with a ribbon and placed them with the card.

Since I was going to recycle the “Super Dad” idea for my Erickson family this year, I had my awesome sister-in-law design a much cuter graphic for the cards.   She made two versions.

She made a larger option with one card per 8 1/2 x 11 peice of paper.  Fold in half and trim some white edges. You can download this version here.

The other version has a front and a back and a blank inside.  There are 2 cards per 8 1/2 x 11 sheet.  You will need to trim some white edges with this one as well.  You can download this version here.

Thanks, Lindsey! All of Chad’s brothers, sister and families are filling out these cards for Chad’s dad.  I think they will be sitting on his plate for Father’s Day or in a gift bag with a big Super Dad on the front.

I am thinking about having grandpa and each dad wear a cape during dinner if I can round up enough capes.  If not, I will just have my father in law wear one.  I know he will love that 🙂 Haha.

Happy Father’s Day to all the SUPER dads out there!

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