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I know I should be posting an idea for Mother’s Day, but I am not the gift chairman this year so I am not really thinking about it.  And besides all moms really want for Mother’s Day is for their kids not to fight, right? (But if you really need an idea, click here.)

So instead I am posting a Teacher Appreciation idea because the end of school is near!

I am in charge of Teacher Appreciation Week at my school and we are doing a “Best Teachers in the World” theme.  We are taking the teachers to a different country each day.  It should be exhausting and fun and politically incorrect.  I will post the details after I take pictures in case any of you are ever crazy enough to head up this event.

To play off this idea, I had my friend (and former student), Kelsie, over at Love, Kelsie Rae make up a graphic that says “Best Teacher in the World”.  And she even did it in a couple of different shapes and sizes for us.

There are many ways you could use these free printables:

First, Kelsie made a darling little cupcake topper.  It is 2 inches.

But I wanted to put it in a French eclair for a cultural reference.

Just cut out the circles and tape a toothpick on the back.  These little ones are great if you want to do something for all the teachers or for the whole class.

Kelsie also made a basic tag

that could hang off a gift bag full of fortune cookies, Belgium chocolates, chips and salsa, gift cards to different restaurants (Italian, Chinese, Mexican, etc.)

Or if you are a room mom, you could have all the kids write notes on the back of the tags and then hang them in a banner across one of the teacher’s bulletin boards.

Lastly, Kelsie, made a large circle just for me.

I will use it as a decoration on the teachers’ tables in the faculty room for Teacher Appreciation Week.  I cut out two circles per stick and glued them back to back, so the centerpiece was cute from either side.  The stick is a bamboo skewer that I colored black with a thick Sharpie.

You could also use the large circle printable sticking out of any gift.  Like a potted plant, a stack of donuts, a flower bouquet or a jar of school supplies.

Click here to download any of the printables above.






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