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We are venturing out to new territory here at Raising Lemons. I was asked to do my first product review by BabbaCo.   They asked me to review their BabbaBox which is an activity box that gets sent to your house every month.  The box is full of themed activities for kids age 3-6.

I agreed to review the activity box because I liked the concept of  themed learning and crafts for your kids delivered right to your door.  (Any time I don’t have to strap a kid in a car seat it is a plus!)

So let’s begin our review!

Our BabbaBox arrived promptly.

We saw that the theme of this box was Sun, Moon and Stars.

The kids and I were excited to see what was in our box. Our box included a paper mache craft and a star picture project, a hardback story book, some on-line activities , moon graph, binoculars, and a wine topper.

Every BabbaBox includes 2 projects with ALL materials + content, 1 “explore” activity and product, 1 “story tell” book especially curated, and 1 digital download app/game. The box is intended for one child.  It can sometimes be suitable for two, however members can add a sibling pack (which includes everything needed for two children) on for an additional $10 by calling or e-mailing customer support.  PLUS, there is a special gift in every box for mom/dad/caregiver. 🙂

I was impressed by the attention to detail in the supplies.    I didn’t have to gather anything or head to a bunch of different stores to buy the items.  BabbaCo supplied everything, down to the last detail, including a bowl and craft stick to stir the glue with.

The instructions were clear for each craft.

They used icons to let you know what skills your child would be developing while working on a particular project.

Every craft and activity also had a Q2 scan so you could easily go the technology route.

I think the box is intended for one child but since I have more than one kid, I let each child do one activity from the box.

Croft made the star picture.

Crew observed the moon with the binoculars provided.  You could chart the moon’s cycle for a month.

Elle got to make the paper mache moon.

And everyone got to enjoy the hard back story book that was included in the box.  Croft read it a few times.

Here are some of the positive points about the BabbaBox:

First, I appreciated that the BabbaBox made me branch out a little in my crafting.  I have never tackled a paper mache project because it just seemed too messy.  I kind of get in my own little ruts and like to stay in my crafting comfort zones. But the box kind of forced me to branch out this time and the kids loved it.  I can see how it can be good for a mom and kids to try whatever is sent to them.

Second, the BabbaBox saves time.  I didn’t have to think of a theme.  I didn’t have to spend time on Pinterest or the internet trying to come up with craft ideas. I didn’t have to go shopping at any craft stores hunting around for supplies.  I didn’t have to go to the library to get a book.   It was all shipped to my doorstep in a box.

Third, there was lots of variety in the box and it appealed to my kids’ different ages and abilities.  My son loved the binoculars while my girls loved the craft projects.  There was music, reading, science and arts and crafts all in the little box.

Lastly, I think the BabbaBox is a great idea for all kinds of situations and all kinds of mothers (or fathers).  For example,

  • working moms that don’t have time to hit a bunch of different stores for supplies
  • moms that don’t want to haul kids around to store after store (you know you spend more if you actually go into the store)
  • moms that don’t feel creative themselves, but wants to give their kids creative experiences
  • families with small spaces that can’t store a bunch of craft supplies on hand
  • friends, neighbors, or grandparents that need a great gift idea

Here are some of the negative points about the BabbaBox:

The only negatives of the BabbaBox that I could think of were that it is impossible for the box to be catered to each children’s specific likes and interests.  My kids didn’t want to do everything in the box.  I had a hard time getting them to chart the phases of the moon even though it was a good concept. Some boxes might not appeal to your child or may be above their developmental level.

Also,  I felt a little rushed trying to get all the crafts in before the next box would be coming, especially since my month was so crazy.  The next box comes whether you are ready for it or not.

Here are the pricing details and notes for the BabbaBox:

On a neutral note, is the price.  The subscription costs $30 a month or said another way, each box costs $30.  This seems like a huge savings because if you were to price out each craft supply + the hard back book + the parent gift, etc, it would cost a lot more than $30.  Plus it is difficult to quantify saving time and having less stress.  It would be up to each mom to determine if the $30 is worth her time or not.


Overall,  the box was fun and I was impressed with the company’s attention to detail.

Now for some fun news:

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