Aim for Love Family Retreat- Day 1

My husband came home one day last year jazzed about a training he had at work called “Becoming Your Best” by Rob Shallenberger. It was all about forming his company’s vision. Chad wanted to apply his learnings to our family. I mulled over his enthusiasm and got the idea to do a family retreat. We decided the retreat would be a condensed session of family vision planning, teamwork, and fun.  We did one over a long-weekend in January last year and had a great experience. We worked a lot on coming up with a family vision and deciding what is important to our family. Unfortunately, I didn’t blog about it, so this year I was determined to record all the details. I am break…


Matrix of Success

I think I have set the same New Year’s Resolution for the last three years. I’ve “failed” in the past, but I try again year after year. And this year I’m extra hopeful because I think I may have found a little secret to meeting my goal or any goal for that matter. The secret has nothing to do with will-power and everything to do with preparation. I think I struggled to keep this resolution because I never properly set up my “Matrix of Success” before I tried to start my new habit. I’m not sure where I heard the term “Matrix of Success” or if I just made it up, but for me it just means getting everything in order, gathering supplies,…


The Disabling Power of the Holy Ghost

In my post last week I asked, “How can you tell the difference between just a kind thought and an actual prompting from the Holy Ghost?” I answered with the small insight that a true prompting is often accompanied by an enabling power. (You’ll want to read that post first so today’s post will make more sense.) But today I want to keep talking about my initial question and offer another insight that is the exact opposite of my first answer. I think that some promptings actually come via a Disabling Power— a power that restrains us from acting, rather than a power that helps us to act. I learned this principle previously, but the most recent reminder involved my l…


Two Words

I’m writing this post for all my young friends. May this post give you something to think about as you live your young life. A Facebook friend recently posted this meme: Some of the responses on her time line were Drink less. Grow up. Chill out. Don’t stress. Be strong. You’re amazing. Get involved. Apple stock. Be authentic. Save money. All of these responses were good advice. But the two words that came instantly to my mind when I saw the post were THANK YOU. I wanted to give my younger-self a big hug and tell her thank you. Thank you for not drinking or doing drugs or getting pregnant in high school. I could always count on you to make good choices. Thank you for working…


Prompting or Just a Kind Thought?

Have you ever wondered, “How can I tell the difference between my own ideas and an actual prompting from the Holy Ghost?” I have tossed around this question for years. Understanding the language of the Holy Ghost has been a life-long pursuit, or at least an adult pursuit, and still continues to this day. Different people answered my question with, “If you have a good, kind thought just act upon it anyway.” Well, that advice doesn’t wholly work for me. I’m sure it will for many people, but my mind is much too busy of a place to act on every thought that passes through. I would be running faster than I have strength if I tried to follow-through with every ki…


Oh, Yes, He Did

How many of you have ever threatened to take away gifts at Christmas? Or threatened to text Santa about the kids being naughty? Or told your elf in front of your child that he/she did something wrong? Or said something like, “If you don’t stop (fill in the blank), Santa’s not going to give you any presents!” Most every parent has resorted to a version of these empty warnings at one time or another. I have, and I’m not proud of it. The second the words come out of my mouth, I am disappointed in myself for losing control, resorting to threats, and for basically saying something that I would never do. It feels dishonest and childish, but mostly it feels desperate. …


Power of a Preposition

I received two pieces of bad news recently. And I’m using the power of a preposition to get me through. I remember learning about prepositions in the 8th grade. Mrs. Scarlett, my English teacher, described them as words that show how a bird might interact with a birdhouse. For example, a bird can fly to a birdhouse, under a birdhouse, through a birdhouse, near a birdhouse, around a birdhouse, etc. To, under, through, near and around are all prepositions. I still use the birdhouse analogy to teach my kids about prepositions. It’s not perfect, but it will get us the right answer at least 80% of the time. I never really thought these little words would mean much to me, but this last…


Let Go of the Bananas

Have you ever heard the story of the monkey that just won’t let go of the bananas? At the gist of this story is attachment. What are we not willing to let go of? What are we holding on to tightly that isn’t serving us? What ideas, programs, practices, hopes, dreams and expectations are jeopardizing our safety and our sanity?…

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"Beautiful, luscious fruit does not grow unless the roots of the tree have been planted in rich, fertile soil and unless care is given to proper pruning, cultivation, and irrigation..." -Harold B. Lee


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