Homeschooling Hybrid

I’ve always believed in responding to the needs of each individual child, each year — not wholly picking homeschool or public school as THE right way. So this year as I looked at our school year and assessed the needs of the family, including mine, I came up with a plan to do a homeschooling hybrid.  {read more}

W and X Week

We have acutally finished Letter of the Week around here but just haven’t taken the time to get all the photos compiled and posted. I am a person who tries to finish what she starts even if it is way late, so here is W and X week: {read more}

U and V Week

Yep, I am doubling up letters.   The last 6 of the alphabet don’t really deserve an entire week to themselves anyway. Do they?  Plus I have been fizzling out and want to expedite this letter adventure so we don’t end up into summer.  Also, it takes a lot of creativity to come up with activities,  {read more}

T Week

I wasn’t planning on doing a letter this week. But as we started the week, Croft used her magic touch. She tweaked and twisted our regular schedule and turned the week into T week! {read more}

S Week

Holy smokes! It is S week and it has been spontaneous and super and special and all kinds of superlatives. {read more}

R Week

It is R week! And as fate would have it, I was responsible for Fairy Tale Friday at Croft’s school and our fairy tale was … Rumpelstilskin! R week ruled! Here we go… {read more}

Q Week

I bet you all thought I quit Letter of the Week. Well, quite frankly I don’t blame you. We are definitely going at our own pace around here and it ain’t quick. The quest to finish the alphabet continues and it is Q week! {read more}

P Week

It’s P week! And can I just say that the letter P is perfect. Just perfect. So many possibilities with that letter P. {read more}

O Week

I should have known President Obama was going to get reelected this week. Because it is O week after all! And the Letter Gods love me like that. If it were R week it might have been a different outcome. {read more}

N Week

Newsflash! It’s N week! I considered doing nothing/nada for N week, but there was no way that would fly around here. So we made nachos and nibbled on nectarines. {read more}

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