Homeschooling Hybrid

I’ve always believed in responding to the needs of each individual child, each year — not wholly picking homeschool or public school as THE right way. So this year as I looked at our school year and assessed the needs of the family, including mine, I came up with a plan to do a homeschooling hybrid. […] {read more}

We Are Important

I got to spend 7 days in Hawaii with my hubby. It was heaven. My college-age niece came and stayed with my kids for the week at our house. I had her cook meals, clean house, drive carpool, and do homeschool. As I typed up the week’s schedule for her, I had an overwhelming sense […] {read more}

Getting It Together

Our family has decided we need to get it together. Again. Just like we have several times before. Ha. But isn’t that life? You’ve got it down. Then you don’t. You’re together and then you’re not. You’re on a roll and then you stumble. Well, we were in an off cycle there for awhile. Maybe […] {read more}

Begin Again

Yesterday didn't go so well. My morning started off with a groggy, grouchy 5 year-old boy coming into my room yelling, "The tooth fairy didn't come! Why didn't she come!?!" {read more}

7 Things To Do On the Weekend to Ensure a Better Week

Some weeks are better than others. And maybe the secret to having a good week is what you do on your weekend?Here are 7 things you can do on the weekend to ensure a better week for yourself (not a perfect one, but a better one):  {read more}

Mom’s Meeting

It’s safe to say that Mom’s Meeting is my favorite part of our homeschooling day. We have it every morning about 10:30. The breakfast dishes are done; my bed is made; I am back from exercising. The kids have (theoretically) done their morning routine, daily responsibility, personal scripture study and any other school work they […] {read more}

2 to 3 Witnesses

I had my first experience with my 2 to 3 witnesses several years ago. I was thinking a lot about exercise and what I should do. I hated exercise, but yet I knew it was good for me, so I wanted to find what was right for my body and my spirit. After pondering and praying on this question for awhile, I had 3 events that happened within a few days of each other. {read more}

It’s Okay to Be Me

I have always been slightly ashamed of 2 parts of me. First, that I prefer work over play and second, that I enjoy being alone. (You can imagine how well I fit in with my family, neighbors, church, etc.) {read more}

I Am 42.

I know that women generally don't like to talk about their age, but to not be able to say the number is like not being able to say Voldermort. It gives your youth and your past more power than your present. To avoid, deny, or lie about one's age is to be afraid or ashamed of aging.  {read more}

Small Change

As long as I can remember, I have had a shelf in my fridge labeled "Toppings". Think ice cream. Hot chocolate. Pancakes. Kind of toppings. The shelf included whipped cream, chocolate syrup, caramel topping, vanilla creamer, syrup, jelly, and as of late, even some vanilla flavoring. It was my yummy shelf. {read more}

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