It’s Okay to Be Me

I have always been slightly ashamed of 2 parts of me. First, that I prefer work over play and second, that I enjoy being alone. (You can imagine how well I fit in with my family, neighbors, church, etc.) {read more}

I Am 42.

I know that women generally don't like to talk about their age, but to not be able to say the number is like not being able to say Voldermort. It gives your youth and your past more power than your present. To avoid, deny, or lie about one's age is to be afraid or ashamed of aging.  {read more}

Small Change

As long as I can remember, I have had a shelf in my fridge labeled "Toppings". Think ice cream. Hot chocolate. Pancakes. Kind of toppings. The shelf included whipped cream, chocolate syrup, caramel topping, vanilla creamer, syrup, jelly, and as of late, even some vanilla flavoring. It was my yummy shelf. {read more}

The Stuff Homeschool Dreams Are Made Of

BUT yesterday was different. And I write about it because yesterday reminded me what is possible. It reminded me we are making progress. It reminded me to not give up. It reminded me not to worry- there was nothing that happened at school that was better than what we did together. It reminded me of my true priorities. It reminded me to stay focused. Yesterday reminded me that homeschooling is exactly what I want to be doing. {read more}

Practice in Personal Revelation

I've long thought that kids need to learn how to get personal revelation earlier than we let them. We control too much and take over too much, and when it becomes necessary for personal revelation they are not prepared. They don't know what to do, how to ask, what answers feel like, etc. Kids need practice in personal revelation before the stakes are high. {read more}

Speak For Themselves

The first kid looked the waitress in the eye and told her what she wanted for dinner. The next child ordered and made a modification from the menu -- something along the lines of 'hold anything healthy and add fries'. The next child asked a question to clarify the menu and then she ordered. Lastly, we got to my 5 year old. He looked at the waitress and said, "I'll have a quesadilla, please." {read more}

God-Like Parenting

We had a fun Sunday morning yesterday. And by fun, I mean frustrating and humbling. One child did not want to fast and one child was "sick" and did not want to go to church. We had a few discussions and a few lectures, and the kids were still holding their ground. {read more}

Thanksgiving Traditions

After Thanksgiving dinner with extended family, we decided we wanted to have our own Thanksgiving dinner with our own little family. Elle wanted to actually pass food around the table (instead of buffet style). Chad wanted leftovers. And I wanted to decorate a pretty table. Plus I wanted to learn how to cook every part of the meal instead of just the side dishes that I always get assigned.  {read more}

The First M&M of Confidence

I got pulled over last week. I had just picked up Elle from dance and we were driving home. I looked in my rear view mirror at one point and saw flashing lights. In a millisecond I quickly reviewed my driving actions. What did I do wrong? I wasn't speeding. My seatbelt was on and so was Elle's. She was legal to be in the front seat. My registration was current. I had my driver's license, registration, and insurance with me. Why was I getting pulled over? {read more}

Ordinary Lives

It was the first day of school for everyone else, but not for my family. I was homeschooling all of my kids this year, and my kids, mom and I were on a road trip. We were headed to my hometown to pick choke cherries and make choke cherry jam. As we traveled in the […] {read more}

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