What Went Well

I was listening to a radio program this weekend on the topic of happiness. The host mentioned that research indicates that people are happier when they focus on their strengths, not their weaknesses. So rather than always trying to improve themselves or work on their inadequacies, happy people spend time and energy and focus on what IS working in their lives. {read more}


Last Saturday afternoon Chad lay on our bed. He planned to go running but made the mistake of lying down first. He was exhausted from a 2 week work trip to Hawaii. (I know, poor guy, right?) But the time difference, long work hours, and red eye flights really had taken their toll on him. He laid there torn between exercise and a nap. He said, "I really should go running, but I really want to just go to sleep." Our schedule that day would not allow him to be able to do both. He had to make a choice. {read more}


OK. I think I am ready to give myself permission. I am ready to commit. I am ready to say that I am homeschooling ALL of my kids this year. Last year when people asked me why I homeschooled Elle, my short answer was "personal revelation." This year my short answer to this common question will be different.  {read more}

Raising Spouses

Elle asked me the other day if she could have a fireplace in her new bedroom if we build a house. I answered with a NO. I continued, "Even if I could afford it, I wouldn't do it." I responded, "I have an obligation to your future husband." {read more}


School starts up here in less than two weeks and I have yet to register my kids. I am strongly considering homeschooling all of them this year. I am giving myself a few more days to decide. Then I'll have to sign papers either way to make it official. But before I can commit to bringing my children home, I would have to give myself permission for a few things: {read more}

Pressure Valves

I have been reading an awesome book called “Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier and More Secure Kids." The author is telling me everything I already believe: less toys, less books, less activities, less choices, less clutter, less ingredients, less distractions, less noise, etc. make for more secure, more connected, and more peaceful children. {read more}

6 Minimalism Tips

I would like to bear my testimony about minimalism. Our landlord called on June 8th and gave us 30 days to be out of our house. He sold the property, so I am in the middle of moving! It's been a little stressful around here, but not as stressful as it could have been. Luckily, I have been decluttering, dejunking and de-owning ever since I found minimalism two years ago, so I simply have less to move. {read more}

Because My Mom Told Me So

I remember my very first answer to prayer. I was in the first grade and I had lost a reading book that my teacher let me take home. The book was due back, but it was no where to be found. Mrs. Johnson kept bugging me to return the book. I so wanted to please my teacher and felt terrible that I had let my teacher down. So I prayed and prayed to find the book. But I couldn't find it. {read more}

12 Days of Young Women

Elle turned 12 years old in April! And since 12 is sort of a rite of passage in our Mormon culture — where the kids go from Primary (the children’s program) to the Young Women (the teenagers’ program) — I wanted to make this birthday memorable and special.  So I took a cue from my 12 […] {read more}

In the Shadows of Competence

I realized something about my parenting lately. Elle, my oldest, is so dang capable and competent that my other children might not be. It's not her fault. It's not their fault. It's mine. The other kids just bask in Elle's competency or shrink in her shadows, depending on how you look at it. {read more}

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