Speak For Themselves

The first kid looked the waitress in the eye and told her what she wanted for dinner. The next child ordered and made a modification from the menu -- something along the lines of 'hold anything healthy and add fries'. The next child asked a question to clarify the menu and then she ordered. Lastly, we got to my 5 year old. He looked at the waitress and said, "I'll have a quesadilla, please." {read more}

God-Like Parenting

We had a fun Sunday morning yesterday. And by fun, I mean frustrating and humbling. One child did not want to fast and one child was "sick" and did not want to go to church. We had a few discussions and a few lectures, and the kids were still holding their ground. {read more}

Thanksgiving Traditions

After Thanksgiving dinner with extended family, we decided we wanted to have our own Thanksgiving dinner with our own little family. Elle wanted to actually pass food around the table (instead of buffet style). Chad wanted leftovers. And I wanted to decorate a pretty table. Plus I wanted to learn how to cook every part of the meal instead of just the side dishes that I always get assigned.  {read more}

The First M&M of Confidence

I got pulled over last week. I had just picked up Elle from dance and we were driving home. I looked in my rear view mirror at one point and saw flashing lights. In a millisecond I quickly reviewed my driving actions. What did I do wrong? I wasn't speeding. My seatbelt was on and so was Elle's. She was legal to be in the front seat. My registration was current. I had my driver's license, registration, and insurance with me. Why was I getting pulled over? {read more}

Ordinary Lives

It was the first day of school for everyone else, but not for my family. I was homeschooling all of my kids this year, and my kids, mom and I were on a road trip. We were headed to my hometown to pick choke cherries and make choke cherry jam. As we traveled in the […] {read more}

Constant Vigilance

I go through phases of "I'm done. I can't do this anymore" sure to be followed by another phase of "Let's do this people!" One week I want to quit and the next week I want to tackle the world. Sometimes I wish I were more steady, but then I always grow from the lows, and I make a difference in the highs, so I ride my own roller coaster. {read more}

What Went Well

I was listening to a radio program this weekend on the topic of happiness. The host mentioned that research indicates that people are happier when they focus on their strengths, not their weaknesses. So rather than always trying to improve themselves or work on their inadequacies, happy people spend time and energy and focus on what IS working in their lives. {read more}


Last Saturday afternoon Chad lay on our bed. He planned to go running but made the mistake of lying down first. He was exhausted from a 2 week work trip to Hawaii. (I know, poor guy, right?) But the time difference, long work hours, and red eye flights really had taken their toll on him. He laid there torn between exercise and a nap. He said, "I really should go running, but I really want to just go to sleep." Our schedule that day would not allow him to be able to do both. He had to make a choice. {read more}


OK. I think I am ready to give myself permission. I am ready to commit. I am ready to say that I am homeschooling ALL of my kids this year. Last year when people asked me why I homeschooled Elle, my short answer was "personal revelation." This year my short answer to this common question will be different.  {read more}

Raising Spouses

Elle asked me the other day if she could have a fireplace in her new bedroom if we build a house. I answered with a NO. I continued, "Even if I could afford it, I wouldn't do it." I responded, "I have an obligation to your future husband." {read more}

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