Power of a Preposition

I received two pieces of bad news recently. And I’m using the power of a preposition to get me through. I remember…


Let Them Grow Up

There is definitely a part of me that gets sad when I see my kids baby faces in old pictures. I miss the less busy days at home or their cute little v…


Trust Your Gut

I hate that I am over forty years old and I still need validation. I guess I thought by now I would hold my head high an…


Family Calendar 2.0

Different calendaring methods worked great when my kids were younger, but sadly, those days are gone, and now it’s time for Family Calendar 2.0.…


First Answer to Prayer

I was in the first grade, and I had lost a reading book that my teacher let me take home. The book was due back, but it …


Cash Will Do

I am sure I’m not the only one that Easter snuck up on. In my mind March is for St. Patrick’s Day and April …


Taking My Cue From Nature

What if you took your exercise cues from nature and gave your body his or her own winter?…

About Me

About Me

When I was 15, I attended a church activity where parents were asked to bring an item that represented their daughters. All the other parents brought flowers- roses, daisies, and tulips- for their beautiful, delicate daughters. Not my mom, she brought a LEMON- yes, a lemon- to represent me.

Was she calling me a piece of junk? Was I sour? I was mortified and just wanted to be a flower like every other girl. Then she read the letter she wrote explaining her lemon choice. She noted that the lemon stands out amongst all the fruit because it is the brightest. The lemon cleans, and preserves, and takes away foul odors. Plus it makes a refreshing drink and yummy desserts.

By the end of the letter, I wasn’t sure if I was more proud of my mom- for being thoughtful- or me- for being a lemon. Now I am raising my own kids with the hope that they will be lemons too. {read full letter}

Family Picture

"Beautiful, luscious fruit does not grow unless the roots of the tree have been planted in rich, fertile soil and unless care is given to proper pruning, cultivation, and irrigation..." -Harold B. Lee
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Homeschooling Hybrid

I’ve always believed in responding to the needs of each individual child, each year — not wholly picking homeschool or public school as TH…


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