February Challenge: Acts of Kindness

We held Family Council Sunday night in the car as we drove to grandma’s house. On the way down the canyon we debriefed January’s challenge, and then we brainstormed ideas for February’s Challenge. I told the kids that I would like our Family Focus to be love or kindness. Chad and I organized a family […] {read more}

“No Eating Out” Recap

Well, we survived. We made it through January and our family challenge of "No eating out." It wasn't easy and we faced different hurdles. I've outlined the five situations that tested our self-control the most: {read more}

Monday Meltdown

It was a Monday night. We were headed down the canyon to my son’s basketball game. My husband was driving and I finally had time to breathe. I recapped my day to Chad and this is when the meltdown began.  {read more}

Small Refinements

The Lord has been nudging me lately to make some small refinements to my Sabbath Day observance. Small refinements are small, subtle, seemingly insignificant tweaks or adjustments, but they can have big, bold, significant impact. {read more}

Accepting the Paradox

In November I was asked to be a speaker at a women’s conference in Boise. The coordinators asked me to provide a bio and a headshot for the event. I wasn’t excited about either task. It felt weird to pose by myself in front of a photographer, and it felt even weirder to write about myself in a promotional way. {read more}


I've recently acknowledged something about my mothering feelings. I don't enjoy serving my children. I don't hate it or resent it either, but serving my children doesn't bring me joy. I know some women love doing everything for their kids, but that is not me. Now that confession may thrust me into the "bad person" camp, but it is where I am at right now. {read more}

Dad’s Role in Our Homeschooling

Homeschooling was a joint decision between my husband and me. We decided together, and we are in it together. He knows I do more of the daily schooling and a lot of the work and pressure falls on my shoulders, but he is willing to help in any way he can. Besides working hard everyday to provide for our needs and our wants (and our field trips), dad helps with the following in our homeschool: {read more}

Family Challenges

Last September our family did a Technology Detox. We shared the same goal, the same vision, the same plan, and the same frustrations. I enjoyed us all working together to better our family. I found it rewarding and enlightening to be united in purpose and action. So for 2016 our family is implementing the idea […] {read more}

Nailed It

I have to say I think I nailed family pictures this year. And I think I nailed family pictures because I approached them differently than I had in years past. I didn't need to remember a gorgeous location or coordinated outfits. I didn't need perfection; I just needed record of these people, at this time, at this age, with these faces. {read more}

The Grass is Greener

It's easy for me to get down on homeschooling. Being on duty all day, having no down-time, being responsible for every subject, playing referee, worrying if I am doing enough, and finding evidence of school in every room can take its toll. The grass starts to look greener on the public school side of the fence. {read more}

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