Finance Fridays

Chad and I have been sticking to a strict budget around here since last February. We budget to zero every month so we know where all of our money is going, and we use cash for many of our purchases. Budgeting has been a rewarding, challenging, learning journey. One tool that has helped me stay on top of the budget is Finance Fridays. {read more}

Story of My Life

I cried Monday morning in yoga. Not bawling crying, not ugly crying -- but a tear did roll down my cheek as I lay in shavasana. I cried about German Chocolate Cake.  {read more}

Life Lessons from a Theme Park

My family and I have had a wonderful week at Disneyland. The theme park stars aligned and we had perfect weather, short lines, and great parking. Our favorite rides that were supposed to be closed were open and the kids' dreams came true. Crew got to eat corn dogs; Locke got to see Buzz, Woody and Jessie; Croft was tall enough for "California Screamin", and Elle got to ride "Tower of Terror" multiple times. {read more}

Written In My Heart

About 6 years ago, I read this article in the Ensign about a man who memorized "The Family: A Proclamation to the World". He wrote about how his life was blessed and touched by the memorization. After reading this man's experience, I was inspired to memorize The Family Proclamation as well. I wanted the words and doctrine written in my heart. {read more}

Puzzle Love

My husband called me from his two week business trip in Hawaii and asked me what he should bring home to the kids as a gift. He suggested souvenirs like T-shirts or shell necklaces. My internal reaction was "Heck no! The last thing I want is another trinket at my house." But instead I kindly suggested he bring home a puzzle instead. {read more}


I wrote a blog post a few years back that started out something like this: "Everyone wants balance in their life and this is how I do my best to maintain balance in my life:" I went on to explain my time blocking schedule. That post never got published because I could never, despite my valiant efforts, get my time blocks just right. A few years later, I realize that I'm done with trying to achieve balance. I'm into tilting instead. {read more}

One Month, One Space

I really hope I get to move this year. But I told Chad I don't want to move until I have gone through each space in my house. And by "gone through" I mean dejunk, declutter, and organize. Nothing makes me happier than taking a load to the donation center. I also love having space in my closets, drawers, and shelves. Minimalism is my drug of choice. {read more}

Disneyland or Bust!

Our family is headed to Disneyland next month!!! We went about 3 years ago and left Locke home (one of the best decisions I ever made). We had a great time, but vowed we wouldn't go back until Locke was 40" tall and Croft was 48" tall. Those are the two magic numbers if you want to ride the fun rides at Disneyland. Well, luckily everyone grew, so we booked our trip. {read more}

Family Council

We call it Family Council in Mormonland. The rest of you probaby call it a Family Meeting. Either way it's important for families to have them. Like really important. In my mind, Family Meetings are right up there with Family Scripture Study and Family Prayer. In fact, I consider Family Council to be one of the weapons we have to use in the war to save families. {read more}

14 LOVE Scriptures

Last year I did a 14 Days of Valentines Countdown for my hubby. And I plan to pull out the countdown again this year except I'm going to tweak it a bit. (How's that for recycling, repurposing, and reusing!) I am going to do 14 Days of LOVE Scriptures instead. I guess you could say, I want to bring a little Saint into Saint Valentine's Day.  {read more}

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