All the other parents chose beautiful flowers- roses, daisies, tulips- to represent their daughters. Not my mom, she brought a lemon- yes, a lemon- to represent me. Was she calling me a piece of junk? I was mortified and just wanted to be a flower like every other girl. Then she read the letter she wrote explaining how I was like a lemon. By the end, I wasn’t sure if I was more proud of my mom for being so creative and thought-full or me for being a lemon.

Pantry Project

Half of my family got to go to my son’s baseball tournament last weekend. I had to stay home to nurse a sick son and get a daughter to her dance commitments. I was bummed to miss the first tournament of the year because I love baseball, but I decided if I were going to stay home with two less kids than I was going to make the most of it. I was going to #createmyownjoy. I took my oldest daughter to LaLaLand; I went to every yoga class I could, and I snuggled with my sick boy and watched stupid kid shows. But the real joy came when I organized and cleaned my pantry. Yes, I medicated my FOMO with an organization project. I’m not here to show you a Pinterest pantry. I’m here to…


45 Days / 45 Boxes

Some people use drugs, food, alcohol, Diet Coke, or sex to self medicate. I choose to clean and organize. And last night I needed to self medicate. So I started cleaning and organizing. I managed to talk my husband into joining me and we decided on a crazy idea: 45 days / 45 boxes…