I love the lemon reference of the blog title because of its duality. I am all the good of a lemon, but I can be sour and I do break down a lot (just ask my husband). I also love the metaphor because it makes you think and thinking is my biggest blessing and my biggest curse. I remember one time my sister and I were out driving and I was talking to her about all these thoughts and ideas I had. Her reply was, “It must be hell living in your brain.” This part of the blog is a place for my thoughts, the hell or heaven- sour or sweet- that is my brain.


Two Words

I’m writing this post for all my young friends. May this post give you something to think about as you live your young life. A Facebook friend recently posted this meme: Some of the responses on her time line were Drink less. Grow up. Chill out. Don’t stress. Be strong. You’re amazing. Get involved. Apple stock. Be authentic. Save money. All of these responses were good advice. But the two words that came instantly to my mind when I saw the post were THANK YOU. I wanted to give my younger-self a big hug and tell her thank you. Thank you for not drinking or doing drugs or getting pregnant in high school. I could always count on you to make good choices. Thank you for working…


My Wish for My Daughters

My 25-year-old self cannot believe I am writing this post. She would disagree with me whole-heartedly. She would say that my thinking is archaic and insulting. She would want me to write about a college education, self-confidence, happiness, or pursuit of dreams. She would be ashamed and disappointed in my 1950’s thinking. But my 25-year-old self, didn’t know Chad yet.…

blood drawn_Fotor

On Courage

Thank you to the phlebotomist that took my daughter’s blood yesterday. Not only was she kind, gentle, informative, patient, and helpful with my nervous little girl, but she taught me something about myself.…


Monday Meltdown

It was a Monday night. We were headed down the canyon to my son’s basketball game. My husband was driving and I finally had time to breathe. I recapped my day to Chad and this is when the meltdown began.…

tiff smiley_Fotor

Accepting the Paradox

In November I was asked to be a speaker at a women’s conference in Boise. The coordinators asked me to provide a bio and a headshot for the event. I wasn’t excited about either task. It felt weird to pose by myself in front of a photographer, and it felt even weirder to write about myself in a promotional way.…


More Than Meets the Eye

I am blessed and I am cursed … by the same quality. It’s like different sides of the same coin. I see more than meets the eye.…

looney lunch

It’s Okay to Be Me

I have always been slightly ashamed of 2 parts of me. First, that I prefer work over play and second, that I enjoy being alone. (You can imagine how well I fit in with my family, neighbors, church, etc.)…

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I Am 42.

I know that women generally don’t like to talk about their age, but to not be able to say the number is like not being able to say Voldermort. It gives your youth and your past more power than your present. To avoid, deny, or lie about one’s age is to be afraid or ashamed of aging.…


Story of My Life

I cried Monday morning in yoga. Not bawling crying, not ugly crying — but a tear did roll down my cheek as I lay in shavasana. I cried about German Chocolate Cake.…

let 2014

My Word for 2014

The moment you have all been waiting for….(you probably didn’t even notice I hadn’t told you yet)… My word for 2014… (20 days into January)… Drum roll please….…