We could all use a little help when it comes to parenting. This section of the blog will include parenting tips, lessons, stories, ideas, dilemmas, and solutions. By sharing these tested tips, hopefully someone’s parenting life is a little easier.


Pantry Project

Half of my family got to go to my son’s baseball tournament last weekend. I had to stay home to nurse a sick son and get a daughter to her dance commitments. I was bummed to miss the first tournament of the year because I love baseball, but I decided if I were going to stay home with two less kids than I was going to make the most of it. I was going to #createmyownjoy. I took my oldest daughter to LaLaLand; I went to every yoga class I could, and I snuggled with my sick boy and watched stupid kid shows. But the real joy came when I organized and cleaned my pantry. Yes, I medicated my FOMO with an organization project. I’m not here to show you a Pinterest pantry. I’m here to…

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Matrix of Success

I think I have set the same New Year’s Resolution for the last three years. I’ve “failed” in the past, but I try again year after year. And this year I’m extra hopeful because I think I may have found a little secret to meeting my goal or any goal for that matter. The secret has nothing to do with will-power and everything to do with preparation. I think I struggled to keep this resolution because I never properly set up my “Matrix of Success” before I tried to start my new habit. I’m not sure where I heard the term “Matrix of Success” or if I just made it up, but for me it just means getting everything in order, gathering supplies,…


Family Calendar 2.0

Different calendaring methods worked great when my kids were younger, but sadly, those days are gone, and now it’s time for Family Calendar 2.0.…


Taking My Cue From Nature

What if you took your exercise cues from nature and gave your body his or her own winter?…


Own It

My children struggle a bit to own their mistakes. It seems like when they are busted they divert and try to blame a sibling, the circumstance, or even me or Chad sometimes. Most of the time a simple “I’m sorry” would suffice and we could all move on, but because they won’t own their mistake, the problem is unnecessarily extended. Chad and I handle our children’s attempts at misdirection in three ways.…


The Other Three R’s

When I started homeschooling I wanted to make sure that I kept things simple and basic so that I would not get overwhelmed. In academics I knew I wanted to cover the three R’s (Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic), but there were three other R’s that were important to me as well.…


March Challenge: Preparedness

It’s a new month and that means a new family challenge! My husband and I tossed around the idea of focusing on gratitude for the month — playing off of St. Patrick’s Day and luck. We also thought about focusing on mental health since we have some struggles in our home right now. And the alliteration of Mental Health March almost convinced me to do it. But in the end, my husband and I decided we wanted our March Family Focus to be Preparedness.…

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“No Eating Out” Recap

Well, we survived. We made it through January and our family challenge of “No eating out.” It wasn’t easy and we faced different hurdles. I’ve outlined the five situations that tested our self-control the most:…

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Technology DeTox

As I mentioned in my blog post, Stealing My Joy, I roped my family into a Technology DeTox for the month of September – where we gave up certain forms of technology for the month. Every one in the family participated –from the kindergartner to the business man. Now some might say, “Why not just pull in the reigns and have tighter restrictions, change a few passwords, or limit screen time? Why give up technology altogether?” To those questions, I reply, “OREOS. I can’t just eat one or two Oreos. I eat none or I eat a sleeve.” See I’ve realized that I am an Abstainer, not a Moderator – meaning I am more successful with change when I give so…


7 Things To Do On the Weekend to Ensure a Better Week

Some weeks are better than others. And maybe the secret to having a good week is what you do on your weekend?Here are 7 things you can do on the weekend to ensure a better week for yourself (not a perfect one, but a better one):…