Power of a Preposition

I received two pieces of bad news recently. And I’m using the power of a preposition to get me through. I remember learning about prepositions in the 8th grade. Mrs. Scarlett, my English teacher, described them as words that show how a bird might interact with a birdhouse. For example, a bird can fly to a birdhouse, under a birdhouse, through a birdhouse, near a birdhouse, around a birdhouse, etc. To, under, through, near and around are all prepositions. I still use the birdhouse analogy to teach my kids about prepositions. It’s not perfect, but it will get us the right answer at least 80% of the time. I never really thought these little words would mean much to me, but this last…


Let Go of the Bananas

Have you ever heard the story of the monkey that just won’t let go of the bananas? At the gist of this story is attachment. What are we not willing to let go of? What are we holding on to tightly that isn’t serving us? What ideas, programs, practices, hopes, dreams and expectations are jeopardizing our safety and our sanity?…


Let Them Grow Up

There is definitely a part of me that gets sad when I see my kids baby faces in old pictures. I miss the less busy days at home or their cute little voices or their solvable problems. But I really wouldn’t want things to stay that way. Growth is why we came to earth. Growth is a sign of life.…


The Blessings of Kindergarten

Sometimes I have viewed the timing of Kindergarten as a pain in the butt. I can’t really get anything done in the morning before they go or in the afternoon before they get home. I can’t make all day plans and it can be hard to get momentum with so many stops and starts to my day. But this year I have seen Kindergarten differently.…

ballet head_Fotor

Only One

Elle performed her first ballet solo ever on Saturday! After waiting what seemed like forever, her music started and she began to dance. She was dancing along gracefully and moving towards a corner for a leaps pass and the next thing I knew she was on the floor. She fell!…


The Grass is Greener

It’s easy for me to get down on homeschooling. Being on duty all day, having no down-time, being responsible for every subject, playing referee, worrying if I am doing enough, and finding evidence of school in every room can take its toll. The grass starts to look greener on the public school side of the fence.…

stealing (1)

Stealing My Joy

I had the realization about a month ago that technology was STEALING my mothering joy right out of my heart and right out of my home. I realized that when I walk into a room and see one of my children on some kind of technology I often have a reaction of either anger (because I’ve told them time and time again to get off of it) guilt (because we could be using our time so much better) hurt (because they are not obeying me) fear (because of what they might be exposed to or what habits they are forming) angst (because I realize technology is only going to get more and more prevalent. It ain’t going nowhere and it is already out of control) disappointment (because I want them to hav…

2013-05-05 03.12.30

Constant Vigilance

I go through phases of “I’m done. I can’t do this anymore” sure to be followed by another phase of “Let’s do this people!” One week I want to quit and the next week I want to tackle the world. Sometimes I wish I were more steady, but then I always grow from the lows, and I make a difference in the highs, so I ride my own roller coaster.…



Last Saturday afternoon Chad lay on our bed. He planned to go running but made the mistake of lying down first. He was exhausted from a 2 week work trip to Hawaii. (I know, poor guy, right?) But the time difference, long work hours, and red eye flights really had taken their toll on him. He laid there torn between exercise and a nap. He said, “I really should go running, but I really want to just go to sleep.” Our schedule that day would not allow him to be able to do both. He had to make a choice.…

lemon tree 2


OK. I think I am ready to give myself permission. I am ready to commit. I am ready to say that I am homeschooling ALL of my kids this year. Last year when people asked me why I homeschooled Elle, my short answer was “personal revelation.” This year my short answer to this common question will be different.…