For the Strength of Crew

I attended a Stake Young Women’s training a few months back and received some inspiration for my personal family. I had been wondering what to do with my 11-year old son’s scripture study. He had gone back to public school, and we didn’t have as much time as before. Also, he is not often self-motivated. My younger daughter was in a groove with Preach My Gospel, my older daughter was reading the New Testament on her own for seminary, and I was reading the Book of Mormon Stories with my little guy. But what to do with an 11-year old who has a strong pull towards the world? My answer came as the 2nd counselor in the Stake Presidency spoke. He said that kids need to be reading …

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Aim for Love Retreat- Day 3

Welcome back for the final day of our “Aim for Love” 2017 Family Retreat. Day 3 was on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so the kids and my hubby were off from school and work. I liked the retreat spanning over into a Monday. It was good use of a holiday weekend. FAMILY YOGA We started the morning off with a family yoga session led by me. Yoga is one of the loves of my life, and I wanted to share it with my family. But, I also feel that we all need more tools than ever before to deal with the fast-paced, over-stimulated world in which we live, especially children. We need healthy ways to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, disconnection, etc. without turning to food, al…

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Aim for Love Retreat- Day 2

Full disclosure here. Day 2 was a Sunday, and I never meant it to be a full day of the retreat. My husband had too many meetings; I was teaching a lesson, and we had dinner plans at grandma’s. So I just threw in a few theme-based activities in the morning to keep the momentum going and to keep the theme fresh on the kids’ brains. The night before, Crew had suggested that we all wear our Christmas pajamas for the family movie, so we were still in them when we had our morning meeting. (Dad refused to participate in the matching pajama thing.) We started off with our gathering activity. GATHERING ACTIVITY Last year I made a big heart for my hubby for Valentine’s out of post-it…

Aim for Love

Aim for Love Family Retreat- Day 1

My husband came home one day last year jazzed about a training he had at work called “Becoming Your Best” by Rob Shallenberger. It was all about forming his company’s vision. Chad wanted to apply his learnings to our family. I mulled over his enthusiasm and got the idea to do a family retreat. We decided the retreat would be a condensed session of family vision planning, teamwork, and fun.  We did one over a long-weekend in January last year and had a great experience. We worked a lot on coming up with a family vision and deciding what is important to our family. Unfortunately, I didn’t blog about it, so this year I was determined to record all the details. I am break…


Oh, Yes, He Did

How many of you have ever threatened to take away gifts at Christmas? Or threatened to text Santa about the kids being naughty? Or told your elf in front of your child that he/she did something wrong? Or said something like, “If you don’t stop (fill in the blank), Santa’s not going to give you any presents!” Most every parent has resorted to a version of these empty warnings at one time or another. I have, and I’m not proud of it. The second the words come out of my mouth, I am disappointed in myself for losing control, resorting to threats, and for basically saying something that I would never do. It feels dishonest and childish, but mostly it feels desperate. …


Trust Your Gut

I hate that I am over forty years old and I still need validation. I guess I thought by now I would hold my head high and strut around with confidence in myself, with disregard to any one else’s opinion. I’m almost there, but I allow doubt to creep into my mind ever so slightly, mainly in the area of homeschooling.…

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Know Better, Do Better

This is a difficult post to write because it exposes some of my mistakes and weaknesses as a mother. It’s painful to admit that I screwed up or did things wrong. But I’m also proud of this post because it demonstrates courage. I’ve recognized a deficiency in my parenting and I’m making efforts to correct it. And that’s all I can expect of myself. When I know better, I do better. The bottom line is I’ve haven’t given Croft the same kind of time as I’ve given my other children. She came as a bit of a surprise, just 19 months after Crew. Frankly, I don’t remember much about her pregnancy, her birth or her infancy. My husband lived out of tow…


Pseudo Passions

I’m not happy with my blog post today. It has way more questions than it does answers. It is just my raw, uncut worries at this point with no real conclusions. I’d hoped that by writing about my concerns I might be able to find some clarity, but this time I haven’t been able to tie everything neatly up in a little bow by the end.…


Serving Mom

If there were such a thing as homeschool police, I could have been busted yesterday. My kids did little to no school work. They played outside all morning and then served mom in the afternoon.…


Learning Lifeskills

In addition to my kids’ regular morning routine and daily responsibilities, I like to give them a “lifeskill” to do most days in our homeschool curriculum.…