My Wish for My Daughters

My 25-year-old self cannot believe I am writing this post. She would disagree with me whole-heartedly. She would say that my thinking is archaic and insulting. She would want me to write about a college education, self-confidence, happiness, or pursuit of dreams. She would be ashamed and disappointed in my 1950’s thinking. But my 25-year-old self, didn’t know Chad yet.…


One Coin. Two Sides.

Do you ever find yourself wishing your husband or your kids were different — that they had different personality traits or characteristics? Just yesterday I was thinking how I wished my husband would notice more of what I do.…


Nailed It

I have to say I think I nailed family pictures this year. And I think I nailed family pictures because I approached them differently than I had in years past. I didn’t need to remember a gorgeous location or coordinated outfits. I didn’t need perfection; I just needed record of these people, at this time, at this age, with these faces.…

m&m cookies

Confidence Cookies

I first heard of the idea of “Confidence Pills” at a funeral of an extraordinary lady, Laurie.  Her adult son spoke at her funeral and mentioned he had received a box of Confidence Pills from his mom just a few weeks earlier. He had an upcoming job interview and although Laurie was bed-ridden with cancer, she found a way to send her son Confidence Pills (which were Mexican Wedding Cookies). I loved this idea–especially because the tradition could transition into adulthood.  I loved how a mom could still send her adult son some love and encouragement. So I made Confidence Pills last year for my kids, but my kids didn’t love the Mexican Wedding Cookies so I decided to t…


“Who Am I?”

At least once a week, I think, “Who am I to think that I could do a blog? and that anyone would want to read it?” (That is probably the day I skip a post.) And at least once a month I verbalize my insecurity to my husband. I close my computer and consider bagging the whole project.…