On the Go

I am a home body and would prefer to never leave my house (and maybe even never get dressed). I think I have a little anxiety because I get very anxious and unsettled before I go anywhere and at least once or twice (or 25 times) I think about canceling the trip and I have a pit in my stomach until I get on the road. But since I know I want us to be a family on the go- everything from a day trip to a museum or a month in a third world country- I decided I gotta figure out a way to push through the pain. This part of the blog is dedicated to travel ideas, solutions, and destinations for those on the go families.

yellow glasses

Life Lessons from a Theme Park

My family and I have had a wonderful week at Disneyland. The theme park stars aligned and we had perfect weather, short lines, and great parking. Our favorite rides that were supposed to be closed were open and the kids’ dreams came true. Crew got to eat corn dogs; Locke got to see Buzz, Woody and Jessie; Croft was tall enough for “California Screamin”, and Elle got to ride “Tower of Terror” multiple times.…

geocache log

Caught the Bug

The kids and I headed to my hometown in Wyoming over our Fall Break. My sister and her kids came with us. And we caught a bug. I am not talking about an insect nor am I talking about the major cough and cold that 2 of my kids came down with as if on cue that we were on vacation. Rather I am talking about geocaching.…


Summer Alliteration Schedule

I am starting to work on our summer alliteration schedule. I like to have a general idea of what to do each day. Having a loose plan for the summer gives me a little motivation and a little direction. And I like the activity to start with the same letter as the day of the week (alliteration) because I’m weird like that.…


Bike Family Night

Whoever said, “Money can’t buy happiness” never bought my bike.  In fact, if I had know how much happiness I would feel riding bikes with my kids, I would have bought a bike and the trailer much, much earlier. My bike is a pretty mint green / pale aqua blue.  Her seat is as big as mine.  She looks like a beach cruiser, but she has gears to help this old lady out.  She helps me feel happy. Our family caught the biking bug back last year when we went on a family bike ride for B week.  We borrowed bikes from our friends and had a great time. We loved it so much I got a bike and kid trailer last Mother’s Day and Chad got a bike for an early Father’s Day present.  Ch…


How Well Do You Know Me?

Elle made up a fun game with her siblings this summer called “How Well Do You Know Me?” One person says “How well do you know me? and then asks a question about himself/herself. Like……

family with conductor

Choo Choo!

Our family headed to Sacramento, California in June.  Chad’s brother lives there with his family and they were blessing their baby.  We have made the trip to Sacramento a few times, but this time we decided to go by train just for an adventure.  As Locke would say, Choo! Choo! A lot of people have asked me how the train ride went and what to expect so I thought I would write it all down for everyone. The short version of the post would read:  It was as adventure.  We would do it again, but not anytime soon. Here is the longer version in case you are interested: We took Amtrak from Salt Lake City, Utah to Sacramento, California.  We stopped all along the way in towns like Elko, Battle M…

overnight bag

The Overnight Bag

I have been traveling tons the past few summers and I finally figured out one thing…The overnight bag…

crews bags

It’s In the Bag

I saw this children’s packing idea on Pinterest and decided to try it on our last two trips. Basically, the idea is to pack 1 kid outfit per bag including underwear and socks.…

open coupon book

Husband Coupon Book

My husband eats lunch out almost every day, and I couldn’t convince him to do the most thrifty thing– which would be to take a lunch or come home–so I did the next best thing I could think of to help him save money. I made him his own coupon book that he could use for eating out at lunch.…


Travel Boredom Busters

Are you headed out of town for Thanksgiving? We are! And our car DVD player is jammed with two DVDs (thank you Locke…grrr…) so watching a movie is not an option on our 6 hour drive to Boise. I am going to have to oil my rusty travel brain and bring out some travel boredom busters (that don’t involve a DVD):…